Saying goodbye

To the people, and specially my followers, who have read my blog, thank you for your attention and kind comments over the years.

In a short while i will shut down this blog, because i have nor the energy nor the spirit, to keep it up.
So goodbye and happy yarning!

Love, Hyke

Return with a vengeance

It's been a very long time since i last submitted a post to my blog! But life sometimes has a nasty habit of getting in the way of things. It took a while, but now i am back, and with a vengeance ;) 
Why not re-start with a fully new designed carnival outfit in blasting rainbow colors.....

The story of this project started in october last year, i mentioned to my daughter, that i wanted to crochet my outfit for carnival, she replied in a sort of disbelief, that that would be a lot of work to make. Now nothing gets me more motivated than remarking something like that!

I had to design a cardigan from scratch, frog 3 blankets to get the yarn i needed, (they were not to my liking anyway!), find a nice stitch, and crocheted away...

The first part of the cardi without the second sleeve, a crocodile stitch border on the sleeve, a whole lot of snippets, an another variety of stitches on the sleeves. The idea was to make all parts of the cardi consisting of different stitches.

The second part, this time with bot sleeves, the press-buttons hidden beneath the flowers and the color change of the crocodile stitch border of the sleeve, because red popped out more!

Third part with the same overall picture, but some tryouts for the hat, and the painting of the shoes.

Drumroll.... the hat! The part i am most proud of! I crocheted a fabric of sc over 3 yarn threads, thus creating a fairly stiff base for my hat. I wanted to make it cone shaped, because i have i very tiny head :). I pleated the bottom to get that cone shape. To make it more sturdy i sewed in a very stiff lining (ironing was not an option for the crocheted fabric, it would loose its shape). To decorate the hat i found lots of crocheted flowers on Pinterest and Youtube, especially the Brazilian tutorials on 'flor" are magnificent! When they all were finished i sewed them onto the hat. In the top 1 sewed a rib in a circle, to maintain the shape. I closed the hat on top with a flat crocheted circle in sc.

I needed a lot of leaves, but couldn't find a 3D one to match the flowers. I designed one myself. Here's how:

Photo 1 - chain 12, Photo 2 - return on toploops of the chain with 11 slipstitches, if you look closely, you see a new chain emerging. Chain 1, work in toploops of this chain. Photo 3 and 4 - 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 1 double crochet, 5 triple crochet, 1 double crochet, 1 half double crochet, 1 single crochet, chain 2, Photo 5 - slipstitch in loop behind the first chain, (this is the top), Photo 6 - on the other side make 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 1 double crochet, 5 triple crochet, 1 double crochet, 1 half double crochet, 1 single crochet, 1 slipstitch in the first single crochet on the other side. Finished! Photo 7 - top view, Photo 8 - back view.

Next up was the skirt. I already bought one in a carnival store, crocheted a LOT of flowers and sewed them on. The legwarmers in crocodile stitch were a fun little detail to make.

A week before carnival i realized i had no purse to take my phone, hanky's and money with, so i quickly crocheted a little flower purse.

All the work done! on february 7 my daughter Anke did a photoshoot of me in my outfit, with some face paint to complete the look. Her garden was a lovely setting and as you can see, we had lots of fun!

Here we are... February 12 in Maastricht, the second day of carnival. My sister took this lovely picture of me.

A picture taken by a member of one of the Facebook crochetgroups i am participating, she was in the parade herself.

And even made it onto the site of our regional paper...

I couldn't be more proud of what i made, being showered with compliments, picture requests and people, i was able to make smile!

The return of the Freeform Unicolor cardigan

My Freeform Unicolor Cardigan has been hibernating for a long time, due to a lack of courage to restart the project. I had to rip both the front panels, because i made a crucial error in the templates. I was so frustrated, i threw it in a corner of my stash.

Recently i picked it up again, because i wanted to wear the cardi to a yarn fair (to show off:). I redid the front panels, and finished the sleeves.

Now i was ready to sew it together. 

A side note for myself and others: pay attention to the weight of the pieces, after i had sewn it together, the sleeves were sagging and were too long. I had to rip the bottom part and make them shorter.

And finally, the finished cardi... my sweet daughter took the pictures. I am really happy and above all proud of the result!

This last symbol is the secret symbol, which i made when the whole cardigan was done. This is my initial, i have used it in all my work since 1969, so in a way, this symbolizes me:)

Another blanket: Autumn Tile Overlay

Yet another blanket i just finished, my Autumn Tile Overlay Blanket. This blanket is made from Fenna acrylic yarn, it has a beautiful color flow. When i bought the yarn, in the story i loved the colors, but after coming home, i wasn't that much sure anymore. Since I am not a fan of green and brown shades, but not willing to return the yarn, i decided, to make a blanket size 1 x 2 meters.

I took a picture on this old chair, it's a wonderful photo prop. Unfortunately the colors aren't correct, IRL the shades are much darker.

Some detail photos of the overlay work. I finished by making a border of one round back post single crochet, and a second round of back post half double crochet.

Boy's Tile Overlay Baby Blanket

I am so in love with my design of overlay crochet, i decided to make a boy version as well. I rarely work with green colors, because i don't like them very much, but it's almost inevitable in boy's colors.

The color combination works very well, and the dark blue spikes make the tiles even more look like stained glass windows. This blanket will hopefully be sold in my Easy shop -to-be.

About overlay crochet

There is a CAL going on with overlay crochet, Sophies Garden, a gorgeous pattern, it can be found on It inspired me to go search for overlay crochet, a technique i haven't been exploring. After 'Pinteresting" i found a pattern on YouTube, in Portuguese, but a very clear movie on how-to. You can find it under the name Flor Harmonia.

After making the original pattern to get an understanding of overlay crochet, i changed the pattern and added some rounds.

Trying out different color variations.

It seems, i cannot crochet something, without turning it into something 'usable", this turned into a baby blanket.

I showed this to a niece, who is pregnant with a baby girl, and offered her a blanket like this. She opted for a blanket in just baby pink, grey and white.

I love the blanket, it's sweet and posh:) She hasn't seen it yet, i am hoping they will like it.

Fan Ripple Rainbow Blanket

Ever since i watched "Breaking Amish" and saw the gorgeous blanket the mother was crocheting, i wanted to try the pattern. I found a diagram on pinterest, here is the picture.

I tried it, and it worked! Of course there were some things, i had to change, because i was not satisfied with the original pattern. I turned my project into a baby blanket with rainbow colors.

I love the way it turned to! This will be a gift for a friend of my daughter, she has seen the pictures already, and she can't wait to wrap her baby in it:)

My other daughter loved the pattern too, and asked me to crochet her a hat and scarf. No problem dear:)

I especially love the way the crown of the hat turned out, making decreases turned into a star. She was very happy with her new set!

Last projects 2014

Since my granddaughter is very into dressing dolls at the moment, i could pick up an old hobby of mine, crocheting for Barbie dolls.This is the 3rd time around i can do this, first, when i was 10, making my own, second time for my daughters, and now the next generation. I so love doing this! My skills have grown considerably in 50 years:)

Because the yarn i used has a little sparkle in it, the princess look is guaranteed:) The top Barbie is mine from childhood. I bought a new Barbie, because the vintage Barbie dolls have a very different body shape. Since the dolls stay at my place, she can play with both of them. She loved the dresses!

Purple Tablerunner

I am a member of several crochet groups on Facebook, and every once and a while, something comes along, i get inspired by.

This table runner for instance, i thought was gorgeous. I showed it to my youngest daughter, she wanted one in purple.It took some time, before i could start with it, because most purple candles are scented with lavender, and she hates the smell! 

But here it is, all done! The rings of the runner i made by wrapping a thicker yarn a couple of times around the candle bowl, and crocheting over it. It makes it possible to wash in case of staines or other mishaps:) She hasn't seen it yet IRL, but she already loved the photo i send her.

Secret project

I wanted to do a yarn bomb project in my street. There is this fence, that screams for some crocheted ornaments. Here's the story.

First i gathered some crocheted snowflakes diagrams on my pinterest. They can be found under the name of Hyke van der Meer, the pinboard is called Russische haaksels (sorry for the Dutch name:). I made 12 ornaments. I soaked them in a mixture of half wood glue and water, to prevent them from sagging. They even are water-resistant now! Note: i pinned them to block, and used normal iron pins, but they stained rust on the ornaments. Next time better to use stainless steel pins!

The next 2 ornaments are slightly bigger.

The bottom one says "Happy Holidays"

Last night at 01.30 i put them up.

This morning i took a picture with much better light:)

I hope they won't be stolen and/or taken down by maintanance.....