Tadaaaaa finished!

It's done! I finished the blanket yesterday. This morning i took pictures and spamming them in my Ravelrygroups. I'm over the moon about the result:) 3 photos say more than a thousand words...

The size is 1.20m x 1.20m, so my daughter can use it for a long time.

The doll i bought, when my oldest daughter was pregnant, so i could make fitting babyclothes. She's called Lotje, and my children think she's creepy.

Just a little close up for the sake of making a beautiful picture:)


  1. This is so beautiful work of art, full of love and detailling work. I like the structures and a visual impression of it - it is as a big paintig which consists of many, many small paintings. Congratulations on this very inspiring design.

  2. "My daughters think she's creepy." ROTFL! That's because she looks like a mini-replica of this Mephistophelian "mayor": http://sandiego.urbdezine.com/files/2013/07/Bob_Filner_mayoral_portrait.jpg

    Needleclicker (who sends you kudos on the beautiful blanket---you have infinite patience, that's obvious)

    1. Lotje (that's what i call her:) is a window model, she has the perfect size for a newborn. There were others like her, but eyes closed.... Now that's creepy!

    2. Just had a peek at the mayor.... He truly is creepy!!!!!!