I made this pillowcover in the 80ties in white, was very fond of it, our children used to sleep on it in our car. Unfortunaltely is was stolen from our car after we were in a carcrash. I always regretted the loss, so i decided to make a new one. The project has been hibernating for quite a while though, being caught up in freeform.

The pattern comes from a stack of magazines my mother left me, it is knitted on 5 dpn's.

It is meant for my youngest daughter, who has decorated her house in brown colors. There are going to be two leafpillows, with striped black&brown backside.

The other two pillows will be in Tunesian crochet, since i got this fabulous Tunesian crochetneedle with cord from Sinterklaas (Dutch version of Santa Claus). It only seems right, to use the needle for the first time for the giftgiver:) The backside also will be black&brown.

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