And some more...

Some scrumbles i made last night. I love spirals, especially when they are embellished with a slightly contrasting yarn.

The scrumbles spread out on the backpattern. I have to attach the loose scrumbles on top and to the left, to the right i knitted straight onto the scrumble with ribbon yarn, and crocheted rows of single crochet and crabstitch.


  1. beautiful work of 'wearable art'

  2. i love your work and would like to try freeform crochet you share your patterns for the individual scrumbles?

    1. Hi Iris, thank you for your compliment! As is the nature of freeform crochet, there are no patterns, just wing it.... but maybe Prudence Mapstone, an amazing freeform artist, can help you along the way, she has helpfull tips on her site: