It's growing very fast, must be because it's a small size. The journey towards the goal is equaly important as the result, and even I don't like taking pictures in artificial light, i'm forced to, because it's early in the evening, and i want to keep working on it. I crocheted fingerlike tails, which will come out in the frontside. It's some kind of symbol me holding and loving her.

The fingertails are beginning to be my signaturestitch, i designed them for my other freeform cardigan, which is still in progress and hibernating. I keep coming back to the stitch, because i like it very much.


  1. If you view the cardigan with the fingers on top, they make the spiral look sort of like a stylized rooster or peacock; if you turn it so the fingers are on the bottom, then it looks like a stylized piglet or other fanciful critter. ;)

    Needleclicker (who spends a lot of time tessellating, hence often sees things that "aren't there"----my nickname is "Rohrschach gal" {cackle})

    1. Lol!! I love the way you look at the world! I see faces in all things...