Framing in

After a lot of thought and tries i have chosen the slipstitch border. Now it works as a frame to the cardigan. It needs a little filling here and there with structure stitches, knitted and/or crocheted, i don't know yet. Perhaps maybe adding some bullion cirkels.

The heart found its place, supported by a little simple cable.


  1. Ahhhh, so slip stitch is the secret to that border: I kept thinking, it looks like knitting, but it's not, so what did she do? ;) I'm learning SOOOO much from your blog. Thanx 4 letting us see your delightful creations!

    Needleclicker (who's absolutely SMITTEN with this little pink sweater!)

    1. Yup, ss is the tric:) i still love that sweater so much....