Frogging and retrying

I detachted the spirals, because it became sooo boring! Besides, the orange connection pulled the spirals out of shape. Still pursuing the spirals idea, but i have to figure out a different way to connect them.

I love the way the triple spirals turned out!


  1. Hyke, I liked the textured effect of the bullion stitch when you use it in freeform. Maybe you could lay the spirals in pairs or in groups? Or since they look like snail shells, you could try making freeform plants for them to eat! :)
    I am enjoying your work, and your progress. It is inspiring to follow.

  2. I like the bullion as well, but don't want to fall back on them every time. I think it's a good suggestion to group them i'll give it some thought. Next week i will continue the pillowcover, this weekend my kids&grandkids are visiting, there won't be enough time and quiet for freeform:) Not thay i mind... i love having them over!