Scrumble stumble

I still wasn't satisfied with the way the peacockfeather stood out, because the connecting colors were too simular. I had to find a solution for that. I crocheted chainstitches in black around the most part. and there it was, just the way i wanted it. Then in comparison to the feather, the big butterfly still looked dull after embellishing. I added some black chainstitches, that was so much more to my liking! This is a crucial point in the process, because now i have decided to use this black 'notes' over the whole pillowcover. It gets a kind of drawn feeling, i used to add black touches to my drawing and painting to finish off.

The bulky yarn was in my stash for a long time, i never found a use for it. This yarn makes a great combination! Since i read on Ravelry, that knitting this kind of yarn always shows the bumpy bits to the purl side, i knitted purl on the front side. It turned out fabulous.

The little butterfly i crocheted as a model for Fenna's cardigan, is surrounded by this lovely multicolored fluffy yarn, this yarn connects it to the orange and black in the other scrumble.

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