Backside follies

I intended to make the backside in plain olivegreen, but soon found out, i hadn't enough yarn to make both. I had to come up with a plan, not wanting to buy more yarn, so this is what i did. I divided the skeins in equal parts, 4 green, 4 mixed green/blue, 4 mint and 2 multicolored. This way i knew i had the same amount for each backside. Dividing means unrolling the whole skein, holding the both ends together, roll a new skein, cut the loop you'll get at the end, cut the loop, unroll the skein again, separating the two threads, roll the new 2 skeins. Be patient with the rolling or else it will tangle up. Easy does it:) It turned out more interesting than plain green.

The opening in the topside is for the zipper, i will sew in.

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