Irish crochet lace

I received my books on Irish Crochet Lace, so it's time to learn about this technique. I have done one project with Irish crochet, a king size bedspread. The heart of the squares is an Irish rose, i altered the pattern into squares.

The pattern of the square is a free download at

Now i'm making the patterns from the books: Irish Crochet Lace by Eithne D'Arcy and Masterpieces Of Irish Crochet Lace by Thérèse de Dillmont. The first book is photo-illustrated, so that helps a lot! The use of a padding-cord is new to me. It's quite a challenge, because the english pattern sometimes puzzles me, to make it easier i translate the pattern in Dutch. Even then it's not always obvious, there's a lot of frogging too:) But i really love doing it. Learning new things is so exiting!

The results of hard labour:)

I separated the first hairpin-scrumble, because to my eyes it was to close together for open lace freeform. I will use the pieces seperately in a project later. For the moment the hairpin has been put aside in favor of the Irish work.


  1. Awsome work girlfriend!

  2. great work..... can u upload this pattern?

  3. If you mean the hairpin experiment, i didn't write it down, when i made it. I already frogged the pieces in favor of the Irish crochet so it's fairly impossible to retrace what i did:( sorry...

  4. i wish i can learn this craft