A new adventure

I have embarked on a new adventure making so-called open freeform. It includes Irish lace crochet, hairpin lace and more lace techniques i haven't discovered yet. I'm really excited about this, it's been on my to-do-list for a while now. I have ordered some books on Irish crochet:

Masterpieces Of Irish Crochet - Theresa De Dillmont
Irish Crochet Lace - Eithne D"Arcy
The Complete Photo Guide To Crochet - Margaret Hubert

I already have a hairpin loop, bought it years ago, to try out the lace, mastered it and never used it again, didn't have use for it back then. Now i'm endeavouring with the different ways to use the strips.

The first one is crocheted in a circle, the second one is a try, how it works as curved border. At the same time i'm trying out how to attach them with crochetstitches.

When i was working on the hairpin, i wondered what would happen if you made uneven loops. This is the result sofar, i'm curieus about what it will look like when worked. The small loops have to made with more tension, because they have the tendency to shift to the middle.

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