Working slowly but steadily

I finished yet anther couple of ornaments from the Irish Crochet Lace book. Some of them are easy. i'm getting the feel for the technique a bit now. The flower on the top left was more difficult to make, because the original pattern was not to my liking, all bumpy and crooked. I altered it to this version, that pleases me more. It took me 2 days(!) to get it right. The six looped edge on the bottom is just an example of edging for finished work.
I'm translating the patterns into Dutch, which makes it easier to make the ornaments, but takes a considerable amount of time. Storing them on my computer for future use, or helping others to get into this fascinating form of crocheted lace.


  1. I really loved all , where can i get the patterns , please send me the patterns on Thanks a lot

  2. Hello from France! I like this! it's so beautifull. Can I have the patterns please?

    1. Bonjour Marie-Claire. Merci beaucoup pour les compliments! Les motives on peut trouver dans le livre de Eithne D'Arcy - Irish Crochet Lace.