Breaking ground

I have been dreading to start making ground for the ornaments. Ihen i decided just to go for it. I started with the original hookneedle, but the chains were too big. I changed to a hooksize smaller, that worked out fine, gave it a more 'lacy' look. Making chains, thinking of a nice way to connect them to the ornaments. What i have seen in some Irish lace pieces, the connection disrupt the form of the ornament, i wanted to avoid that. I picked up loops on the back of the work in the desired place, made a slipstitch and chained on. Sometimes i had no place to go with my chain, but slipstiching on the backloops on the outside of the ornaments was a good and practical solution to get from A to B, this i've learned from my other freeform pieces. This is the progress so far.

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