Easter work

I have spent most of Easter netting my Irish ornaments. I'm not really 'handy' with this technique, there's a lot of grumbling and frogging involved. It's trying to find a balance between the ornaments' structure and the netting. If the netting is to small, it creates a crowded view, and the ornaments seem to disappear in the mass. Yet i don't want to make the holes too big, because the tension in the netting needs to keep all in place.

The results so far captured in two pictures.

I am pleased with the result of the wild rose spray.


  1. Your work is so beautiful I am in awe of such talent. Oh I will come back...I hope you will drop by sometime....I am having a blog give away.

  2. I can very well imagine just how difficult it is to get the tension of the netting just right. Do you place the individual pieces on a table and then try the connections? The result is perfect, to say the least! You have a great talent for making this lace and great perseverance and patience, too!