Something new?

Yesterday i got the idea to combine Irish crochet with hairpin lace. I wanted to use paddingcord in the centre of the hairpin. Today i tried it, but it didn't work out. Because the stitches in the middle are alternate by twisting the pin, the paddingcord doesn't get covered by the stitches. In fact, it gets quite messy:) That was a big nono! Still i couldn't let go of the idea of making loops like in hairpin. Then i remembered i once used a loop stitch, making a crocheted rug. Maybe that was worth a try. Dug into my old books, and found the stitch. It's crocheted yarning over a strip of cardboard. Trying and searching for the right amount of stitches, i came up with this little flower. The loops are twisted like in hairpin lace. I have never seen anything like this in Irish crochet, maybe i'm inventing something brandnew? Who knows:)

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