The great silence

It's been three months, since i last picked up a needle or crochet hook. I've been commuting between my grandchildren lending a hand babysitting and/or taking care. Last weekend i was babysitting Fenna and Morris, the children of my oldest daughter. I bought Fenna a 'beginners' Barbie, since she is into dressing dolls at the moment.

Here history repeats itself:) I used to make dresses for my Barbie way back when, then an odd 25 years later for my daughters, and now the third time around for Fenna's Barbie. I still remembered how it was done:)

This is the dress i made for her doll. It's crocheted in white cotton and glitter yarn in red. There was just a little yarn left, so i made a bolero, hat and purse to go with the outfit.

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