Cat walking in spilled paint, an illusion

I love trying out new techniques in knitting and crochet. I came across shadow/illusion knitting, had some cheap yarn laying around, so i decided to give it a try. Did some research about how to, and found tutorials on this website:

I found a free pattern of a paw print on Ravelry, tried it to understand how it's working and done:) Then i discovered, that the paw was a dog's paw... Since i don't like dogs at all, i wanted to make a cat's paw print.

I took a drawing from google, converted it in Illustrator to a workable pattern and started knitting. When i had used all the white and red yarn, worked on with light blue and dark purple. Now the illusion is complete, it's a cat walking in spilled paint.

I will soon make the pattern available in my Ravelry designer's shop, if you're interested:)

This is how it looks when viewed straight.

Here are the paws showing up magically when seen from the side.

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