Paddingcord cheat - a tutorial

This weekend i travelled by train to my daughter, to babysit the children. I had nothing to bring for the trip, one knitting project too difficult, the other one easier but too big to take along. What to do??? I took a skein of cheap acrylic yarn and a crochet needle, to play with:) As i was fiddling, a thought entered my mind about paddingcords and Irish crochet. What if you could use the yarn you're handling to create a paddingcord and incorporate it in your crochet? I hate weaving in the loose ends and with paddingcords there always a lot to weave, and usually 3 ends no less!
First i crocheted a circle, and draped the yarn around it 3 times, this was the paddingcord to be. Then crocheted like in Irish crochet single crochet around it, until i was back at the beginning. The next step was to crochet it with slipstitches onto the circle. Another round of single crochet made the cord stand out more. The next round i just took a random length from the needle, folded the yarn 4 times to get back to the crochet needle, then again single crochet around the cord, attaching it with a slipstitch in the base stitch of the round. To get arches i crocheted with slipstitches a few stitches to the previous round, single crochet about 10 stitches just to the cord, and back again a few to the previous round. This is how the first try came out, it's a bit of a crappy photo, cause it was taken by IPhone:)

Nice, but no sigar....

The next try was much better! Instead of folding the yarn with no clue how long it should be, i simply crocheted a chain, and used that as a base for the paddingcord.

This photo shows how the cord stands out beautifully. I started with chain 4, closed to a ring with a slipstitch, 10 single crochet in the ring, next round 2 single chain in every stitch from the previous round, 20 single crochet. The next round i crocheted 30 chain, then crocheted 40 single crochet around the chain, closed the circle with a slipstitch in the base stitch. The paddingcord was larger than the previous round, but crocheting 2 single crochet in 1 from the previous round fixed that problem. It got me to 40 stitches. In the next 2 rounds i crocheted single crochet in every stitch.

In the next part i'll show how the paddingcord was done.

crocheting a chain straight from the circle.

Drape the chain around the circle, make it slightly shorter than the circle, because it tends to stretch when used as paddingcord.

Crochet single crochet around the chain up to 79 stitches.

For the 80st stitch go in the last single crochet, then as low as you can in the first stitch of the paddingcord (as shown in the photo) yarn over and pull through the loops. This will give a smooth connection between the ends of the cord.

Begin the next round by crocheting a single crochet through the first stitch of the cord and the first stitch of the previous round. Make another single crochet in the next stitch from the cord and the same stitch from the previous round.

Then every 2 stitches from the cord in 1 stitch of the previous round.

This is what it looks like, when it's finished.

Two more rounds of single crochet with 80 stitches.

I think i will experiment some more with this, making arches and curls.

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