Boy, did i have some trouble making the chart for the soccerscarf!

This is the logo.

First i changed it in Photoshop into a plain linefigure, removing the red. This was necessary, because the illusion uses only two colors, i choose red and black. (The Italian soccerteam plays in red/black striped shirts). I had knitted a gauge of the chosen yarn.

Then i used the illustration to create a chart in Illustrator. I printed half the pattern to see whether it was the right illusion when knitted. It came out far too long, distorting the image, because the chart only shows every second row, in which the changes between knit and purl happen.

I went back to the site of Wooly Thoughts, but nothing was mentioned about distortion of the picture. I send an email with the question about the gauge to Wooly Thoughts, and got a quick and extended response. Usually the gauge doesn't have that much influence on the effect. I think mostly because the used pictures are fairly square. Since i wanted to knit the scarf sideways and it's only 35 cm high, the logo already being elongated, that was going to present a problem.
(*To my shame i have to admit, there IS mentioning of gauges on the site of Wooly Thoughts, but i missed it completely, must have been blinded by all the wrong charts:)

I made several other attemps, but nothing came out right. Some research on Ravelry brought more insight. There was talk of squeezing the picture into half, depending on the looking angle, in order to get the best result.

I was NOT happy with that! Squeezing an already elongated picture even more spreads the workspace very thin. Especially with the characters and numbers that presented another challenge.
Did some more tryouts, still no gain. Finally squeezed into half, rearranging the space for the characters and numbers, fiddling the circles, until i was satisfied. Once again knitted half the chart and YEY it was alright!!!! After at least 15 attempts i finally succeeded....

Did little swatches for the characters and numbers to check if they needed work.


All's wellllll, it's a hap, hap, happy day, toeraloeraloera lay....

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