Day 10 NatCroMo Freeform CAL

Day 10's instructions were simple, making spirals, and adding some to existing scrumbles at will.

Spirals!!! I love making spirals, this one is open crochet, embellished with some sparkly sewing yarn.

Adding some open crochet to my least favorite scrumble, it looks much better now!

I'm always thinking: What if... This time i came up with a hairpin lace experiment, weave and warp a chain onto the basethread. Looks good, but it still has some glitches. The chain won't stay in place, like i want to. I'll have to work on that, then i will use it in this freeform.


  1. Ik antwoord je nu maar hier, zit er nu toch. Er is toch veel meer te ontdekken in de haaktechniek dan ik dacht. Interessant!

  2. Onverwachte dingen he? Leuk!