Day 14 NatCroMo Freeform Cal

And the story continues, almost halfway now. We had to attach 2 scrumbles with lace crochet together. Now lace is not what 'm doing very often, and the links of the moderater didn't appeal to me. I searched my crochetbooks for a suitable one, but still no go. At least i found one, that i would like to use on the site of Jessica Tromp, a Dutch woman, who has tons of information, stitches and pattern on knitting and crochet. For who's interested, here's the link. Also available in english:)

On the topside is the lacy-bit, on the bottom i have crocheted them together with a starstitch.

My mask has been screaming at me for days... I want beads!!!! So what can you do but obey? Crocheted some netting around it to give it some air, and for future attachment.

While i was at it, i crocheted a couple of rounds on the spiral, taking of the sharp edges, and prepare it as well.


  1. Oh Hyke I am very much in love with your work. Lace and all. I very much love the lacy look and am finding the more solid parts less appealing in my own work. Thanks for the tutorials today. Hugs xox

  2. You're very welcome! Glad you like the tutorials.