Day 16 NatCroMo Freeform CAL

Today i had the chance to finish two assignements, this is the second. I'm totally up to speed now:)

The centerpiece is a try-out for a hairpin lace experiment, still a work in progress. I decided to use it, to see, what it does in 'wearing' conditions. The border is the instruction for today. I had to use 2 different crochetneedles, one very small and the other way to big for the yarn, to get a 3D effect. The technique is very much alike what is used in Irish crochet.


  1. Help me eraan denken dat ik je eens vraag naar goede haaktechniekboeken. Ik zie hier zoveel moois wat me onbekend voorkomt.

  2. Ik breng je wel wat boeken mee volgende keer.