Day 18 NatCroMo Freeform Cal

The presidential elections in America on december 17 were the theme today. We were given the choice between 2 stitches, the volumetric woven pattern and the heirloom lace. There is a poll running about the choices, which one will be most popular, we will get the result tomorrow.

I picked the mask as the base for the woven stitch, i love the boldness of this stitch in comparison to the frailty of the mask. The woven stitch was new to me, but i love it!

I did some preparing on the loveknot star/flower, using the leaves i made for the sceptre. That's the beauty of freeform, if something what you made doesn't work, you can always use it somewhere else.


  1. De bovenste wordt zo toch ook een beetje een kroontje! Nog wat lapis lazuli erop....

  2. Dat is een goede gedachte, maar had ik even niet liggen:)