Day 30 NatCroMo Freeform CAL

Yesterday our moderator gave us two choices, instructions on buttons, to cover them with crochet or edging our work inspired by crochet artists. My cardigan is not nearly done, so edging was not my choice. Had it been though, i would have chosen Olgemini, a Russian crochet miracle worker! She is absolutely fabulous, i couldn't stand in her shadow! When i get to finishing my piece, i most certainly will get inspiration from her!

Back to buttons:) I covered buttons of the preferred size, but they turned out far too big, like tulipbulbs... That was not going to happen!

I made the buttons from just yarn, i crocheted it with a hook far smaller than appropriate for the yarn, that way they got really sturdy. To attach them to the work is either with beads or sew them on. I intend to make some Irish loops as 'buttonholes'

Today's instructions were about filet crochet.  

I crocheted my initials, i have used this way back when in my working years, and nowadays i use it to sign my paintings and drawings. It's nice to see it coming back in my freeform as well.

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