Day 5 NatCroMo Freeform Cal

The task at hand was to find a piece of fabric and incorporate it in the work. I had some blue fur in my stash, i decided to use that. Since i love Celtic signs, i searched the net for a simple one. The chosen drawing was easy to make, and fur doesn't unravel, that was a big plus! I embroidered around the sign, to get a base for the crochet.

After that i crocheted a round of slipstitches, and some netting and double crochet to get the right shape. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!!

The other challenge was to use something, you wouldn't normally see in crochet. I found some flowers from my fly curtain, and dabbled with them. It took some effort to incorporate the flowers into the crochet, but i succeeded nevertheless:) Again i used netting to connect the flowers.


  1. this is bloody cool!! Freeform with fun fur...ingenious!

  2. Thank you! For a long time i wanted to use fabric in my freeform, and this gave me the opportunity, hooray