Day 9 NatCroMo Freeform CAL

Today the theme was about women. The questions were:

1. The bread of your life, the things that seem humdrum, but are so important to your world
2. The roses of life, the things that enrich it and feed your soul
3. The woman in your life, who you have most looked up to.

The bread in my life is coffee and yarn and some tool, doesn't matter which. My rose is a trip to my LYS, and buy what i want. There used te be times, that wasn't possible.
My favorite woman is my cousin Hilde, who taught met to knit when i was 4... She unlocked my future and life as a crafter!

My scrumble turned into a padlock, as reference to my cousin. The stitches i used were Tunesian honeycomb, because the first big project was a top i did in that stitch, when i was 14. Remember even that it was lightblue as well, how life turnes in circles... The other stitches are comfortable single crochet and doublecrochet fans.