There is a new stitch in town?

This is a tutorial about a new stitch, i designed. At least, i haven't seen it anywhere else...
I named it the Standing Picot stitch. The stitch looks like this:

Here we go.

Start with 13 chain, turn.

1st round: 3 chain picot in the 4th stitch from the crochetneedle, * chain 3

insert the needle in the first stitch of the 3 chain,

yarn over, slipstitch through the first 2 loops, (= picot)

yarn over and pull through.

This is what it looks like:) You might want to push the picots to the front, they have the tendency to hide in the back. End the round with a picot stitch, chain 1 and turn.

2nd round: Slipstitch on the BACK loop of the stitches to the other side, chain 3, turn. (This is a trick i often use when i do stitches like the bullion, or starstitch, they have no 'return' possibilities, and this is how you can get back to the beginning )

Perhaps this is a better view on how to:)

3rd round: *Insert the needle under the slipstitch of the previous round,

chain 3, make a picot, just like round 1.

The rest is a repetition of the 2 rounds.

Making a circle is also possible with this stitch:

Chain 4, close with slipstitch, 8 single crochet in the ring, close with slipstitch, chain 3.

1st round: like before, * 3 chain picot in every stitch twice,

Like this

close with slipstitch, chain 3

2nd round: the same as the previous round, but increasing stitches as you would normally do to crochet a circle. (The 2nd round of the straight-on crochet disappears, so this is easier)

And so on and so on. Very decorative stitch for flowers...

Let me know if there are problems with this tutorial, and feedback would be nice!:)


  1. Ingenious! The straight version would make a wonderful caterpillar...or maybe a butterfly body (if the ends were rounded). {thumbsup}


    1. Thanks! I love to 'doodle' with stitches:)