And some more additions

I fell into a big black hole after the ending of the CAL. The every day challenge created a habit, that i had to kick:) After a couple of days i picked the work up again.

I still needed to connect the Golden Gate scrumble to the rest using the crab stitch. Some netting completed the connection.

The front of the cardigan is taking shape. I found a lovely bulky stitch on a Russian site, i used it to connect the spiral to the mask. On top the triangle is connected with netting, i love the contrast of the round and pointy shapes. The peacock is still unattached, but has found its place.

I need to fill up a lot of little spaces, therefore i designed a flowerpattern. The one on top to the left is the first one. I wanted to create a flower with overlapping leaves, like i've seen in Russian magazines. It came out so good, that i was able to use the pattern for 3 more flowers. 

Unfortunately i can't write down or make a phototutorial on how i did it, it involves too much sideways and up side down cheats.


  1. Die zwarte gaten moet je positief zien: je kunt alle kleuren en vormen erachter of erin zelf in- en aanvullen.
    Leuke bloempjes!

  2. Daar heb je natuurlijk wel een punt:) ik ben zelf ook erg content met mn bloempjes.

  3. All of your pieces are so gorgeous