Entering the work for a prize?

Tomorrow is the deadline for entering our work for a contest. I'm not nearly finished, but the moderator Tora decided, that since there are more participants, who won't have finished their freeform, can enter with what they have accomplished so far. 

I juggled the photos to get an overall picture:)

The backside has some work left to do.

On this front the peacock has been incorporated further with a starstitch. On the bottom i attached a little 3d flower.

The other front has got some Russian crochet with little leaves. I wanted to add some color, to get in balance with the rest, incorporated a 3d flower, and some surface crochet. The buttons look cute placed like this.

The sleeves are still very much in progress. The Oopsy Daisie hat has been changed, like i said, and crocheted with some netting and another 3d flower to the 'key' scrumble.

The other sleeve with a 3d flower and the filet crochet. I ripped the filet, because i didn't like the way the initial looked. I have changed it with a popcorn stitch, it stands out much more now.


  1. Meedoen! Het ergste dat kan gebeuren is, dat iemand anders wint. Maar dat kan ik me haast niet voorstellen.....

  2. Отличная работа! А где конкурс?
    Well done! Where's the competition?

  3. The competition was in the NatCroMo, the International Crochet Month on Ravelry.com. It's already finished, and i didn't win a prize. The choice was to use random numbers for the winner. But i don't mind, i just love to freeform:)