Russian butterfly

Another try of one of the patterns in my Duplet magazines. I had been looking at this butterfly more than once, to make it. 

Now i had an excuse, because i wanted to use the wings for my freeform cardigan.

As before, it was a real challenge to find out what the chart meant. I was able to get as far as the first corkscrews, but they twisted the wrong way, to the right instead of the left... After several tries i finally figured out that the single crochets were backwards. I found a good tutorial on this website: My butterfly started to look like the photo:)

The next hurdle was the mistakes in the chart. I kept getting less stitches on my rounds. I had to count and redraw the chart to make it right. The body in the photo has some details, i haven't been able to reproduce from the chart. With the left antenna i had to cheat a little to get it in the right direction. In the head there are triangle symbols, that i couldn't decypher. I made them backwards single crochets, it looked like the stitches in the photo. 

It took 5 days and a lot of frogging, but here it is...

I didn't block it yet, but it's looking good:)

For those of you, who would like to give it i try, here are the charts. 

This chart shows the direction which way to go. Have fun!


  1. Dit zie ik me zo gauw niet namaken hoor. Wat zul je lekker gepuzzeld hebben! Het resultaat mag er zijn.

  2. Dank je:) Het was inderdaad een hobbelige rit:)

  3. zoals ik al gezegd heb.. NICE :D

  4. I am so in AWE that I had to scroll and scroll and admire each of your pictures. This is the most stunning work using Crochet/knitting I have seen in a very long time. I am greatful that you have revealed some of the secrets behind some of your pieces, because I am certain ther will be lots more people to come aho want to know how it works. Maybe even ask you for a workshop. Keep on going. I love to step by from time to time to see how you proceed and to enjoy your new pieces.

    Your new fan
    Bridget from Germany