Another what if...

A couple of days ago it crossed my mind, whether it would be possible to smock crochet. Did some research and the answer is yes, you can.. Here is a link to the pattern, that inspired me:

Of course i first had to figure out, how this was done, and after that give it my own twist.

This is the written pattern i made. It will turn out a little wider than the pattern drawing, but that is due to the fact, i wanted to make a readable pattern, and had to draw every symbol myself.

Here's what it looks like, when the crochet is done.

The result after smocking. I finished it off with a round of single crochet and a round of crab stitch on the first loop of the single crochet round.


  1. Bij breien kun je breien en smokken tegelijkertijd. Heeft haken die mogelijkheid niet?