Day 18 NatCroMo Freeform CAL

I totally forgot to post this NatCroMo day:( So a bit late, but here it is:)

The upcoming presidential election on december 17 in America was the theme today. We were given 2 stitches, from which we could choose, volumetric woven pattern and heirloom lace. There is a poll on the 2 choices, tomorrow we will hear, which one won. We had to do at least 57 stitches, and 4 rounds.

I chose the mask to attach the woven stitch unto. I love the way it boldly contrasts with the fragility of the mask. The stitch was new to me, but i really love it!

I did some crocheting on the loveknot flower too, to prepare it for future attaching onto the other work. I added the leaves, i couldn't use on the sceptre. That's the fun of freeform, if it doesn't fit, or looks good, you van always use it somewhere else.

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