Hamsa hand

Another difficult goal i've set my self to make. I wanted to crochet a Hamsa hand, also known as Fatima's hand.

This was the drawing i made from a hand i found on the internet. It was a stretch to translate it into crochet! Especially the fishes were a problem.

The first scales i made were nice, but they disappeared in the fingers. I had to find another solution for this.

Here is the finished hand. I made the scales with some tatting, that looked a whole lot better! Normally i like to crochet my parts together, preferably in one piece, but that wasn't possible in this case. Most parts i made separately and sewed them together. I fairly like the result, but won't make this again. To challenge yourself is fun, but when it becomes a burden, just get it done and be done with it. The hand will find a place in my cardigan, and maybe give a little protection:)


  1. Ik vind het goed geslaagd!

  2. Dank je Mieke. Ik ben zelf gematigd tevreden:)

  3. You translated the image so well into crochet. Maybe you should frame it because it is beautiful indeed!

  4. Thank you Laura! It will be a part of the sleeve of a freeform cardigan, and it will get a prominent place:)

  5. Hoi!!
    Ik heb ook al een tijdje het doel om een hamsa te haken, indien je even wil piepen op mijn blog dan zie je mijn resultaat, was ook eerder gematigd tevreden om eerlijk te zijn, het is echt geen makkelijke vorm hé
    Vind die van jou trouwens héééél mooi gedaan hoor!
    Groetjes vanuit Belgie!!


  6. oh my! :) this is lovely!
    Is there a pattern for this...?
    I'm a self taught crocheter and but I'm clueless on making my own patterns, and I have just started getting the hang of reading chart patterns.
    I've been trying to find a really great Hamsa Hand pattern but there really aren't any! :(

    1. Thank you, Jocelyn:) there is no pattern, i've made it once and it was very diffucult, so i won't make it again. Besides it's really hard to describe what i did, it involves a lot of crochetcheating:)

  7. Hi Hyke, I absolutely love your Hamsa hand drawing and was wondering if I could use it on my mom's jazz CD. She is a canadian singer and I think it would look amazing in my design. Let me know if it's okay :) spencerjudge@hotmail.com