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It's been a while since my last blog, but i've been very busy:) My daughter Anke suggested, that i should sell the things i make in an Etsy shop, that trigged a flow of creations! I had a lot of yarn with no destination in my stash, so i went and used it all, mostly on baby stuff. Here's what i have made so far.

This babyblanket is made out of 100% cotton. The blanket was a bit plain, so i embellished it with a rainbowkite and cloud.

This luscious babyblanket is made of Gedifra Top Soft, a mixture of rayon, nylon and silk. Simple but supersoft to the touch.

There was enough yarn left to make this luscious babyhat and socks. The first two photos show the progress of how it was crocheted.

The Autumn Babyblanket, crocheted of 100% cotton in overflowing colors. The color scheme reminded me of the beautiful colors in autumn, that's why i embellished the blanket with autumn leaves. 

The photos show, how i made a template of the leave, sewed the contour on the blanket with contrasting colors, leaving a good drawing to crochet with elevated sc. The final photo shows the sewing of the lines within the leave to give it more detail.

Once again there was enough yarn to make this adorable pinecone babyhat and socks. The stitch i used was the crocodile stitch.

All these leftover projects made me try to make more babyhats and socks, as they require little quantities:) This is the Little Leaves babyhat and socks.

The Cupcake babyhat and socks. The upper photos show the progress, i crocheted the embellishment separately, and sewed it onto the hat. It reminded me of shows i've seen on making cupcakes, hence the name:)

My daughter told me that crocheted collars are very popular at the moment, so i thought i'd give it a try. The pattern is based on a Russian pattern, adapted for this collar. I sewed the beads on and created with the same beads the button to close it.

These are the items i will try to sell, when my Etsy shop is up and running.

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