This wasn't all:)

I'm on a roll lately with my creations. I'm having a blast making things for my grandchildren.

My granddaughter Fenna asked me if i could crochet a dress and shoes for her favorite sleeptoy. When i was babysitting, i cooked up this outfit. She was over the moon!

She doesn't know it yet, but i knitted her a scarf and hat for the coming winter season. The material is Phildar Phil Douce, a very fluffy and soft yarn. The hat is crocheted, the scarf is knitted and they are both embellished with hyperbolic flowers. It will be a gift the next time she visits me.

I made a smaller set for my other granddaughter Laura, but unfortunately it was too small for her. Another asset for the Etsy shop it'll be:)

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  1. Heerlijk zo'n shop, dat spaart in dit geval uithalen ;-)