Hooked on the crocodile

Still hooked on the crocodile stitch:) I crocheted a babyblanket with acrylic yarn in various shades of pink and purple. It took 19 skeins, so it turned out quite heavy. 

I know for sure, it'll keep the baby warm, because when i crocheted it, it kept my lap warm:)

This is an adult pixie hat, crocheted with wooly yarn. My daughter Anke graciously posed for me, though being allergic to wool.

We had fun taking the pictures.

The toddler twenties hat. I'm trying to find a hat, that looks good on me too. Usually i look kinda silly in winterhat, so maybe this is the model that suites me. I really love the way it turned out.
Currently i'm making an adult version of this hat... we'll wait and see if it's finally one for me.


  1. Uit ervaring weet ik dat het moeilijk is om een leuke hoofdbedekking te vinden voor een klein hoofd ;-)
    De jaren-twintig hoed vind ik enig! De rest ook, maar dat wist je al!

  2. Is this your pattern for the adult pixie crocodile hat? Can I purchase it online?

    1. Yes, it is my own design, but the pattern is not available.