Never a dull moment

What do you mean, idle hands:) I have been working like crazy, being in a creative flow for some time now. To get some ease in my mind, i knitted a simple ribbed scarf for my son-in-law. He choose red yarn, and is not one for fancy-smancy things.

He loved it when i gave it to him.

This is a new look on scarfs. I call it Victorian Crocodile Pelerine. You can wear it under or over your coat. My daughter Anke posed for the photo. 

A dear friend of mine asked, if i would crochet 2 hats for her granddaughters. I'm not planning to make hats in assignement, because if i do, i wont have time to do my own designing. But for her i made an exception. This one is for her 1 year old.

This one is for her 1.5 year old granddaughter. It will look adorable when they are together!

Oh and for those of you, who want to follow my blog by email, the possibility has been created.

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  1. Ik zou toch zoooo graag een hoedje voor Imme willen haken....Krijg je nou geen medelijden? Dat arme kind blootshoofds in de kou....en het moet nog winter worden....
    :-)) :-))
    Maar ik begrijp en respecteer je keuze hoor. Mooie sjaal ook!