Again with the crocodile!!!!

I forgot to mention the last time i blogged, that i had made a pixie hat for my friend as well, so she could choose which one she wanted. Now she doesn't know what to choose, maybe she'll take them both:) I don't mind of course, either way is fine by me. If she chooses just one, the other goes in my Etsy shop.

The pink toddler pixie hat. The size made is for a 1.5 year old.

One of my co-knitters of our club mentioned, that the yarn used is very suited for socks, that gave me the idea to make these booties for little Laura. Thank you Mieke:)

Cutie booties, right? Because toddlers have the tendency to pull off their socks, i made a little cord to prevent that. Because the booties will be very slippery, i ordered a tube of Regia ABS anti-slip, you can put that on the soles of knitted socks. In dots, or maybe even a pattern. Never worked with it, i'm curious how it will work out.

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  1. You're welcom!
    Het blijft bij mij een glimlach toveren, die leuke krokodillensteek van jou.