Of pelerines and stuff

A while back i designed a pelerine in grey/white/black sockwool, it was a great design, but the yarn was a bad choice. Practically nobody can wear it without itching.  I had some acrylic yarn, but was afraid to try it, because the repetitive pattern could be lost in the decreases. I tried it anyway and it worked out great!

The first one was in mint, i made some mistakes in the decreases, it turned out more a collar than a pelerine. 

The second one in blue is the definite pattern, i'm very satisfied with the outcome.


  1. Mooi en lekker warm!

  2. I absolutely love this!!!! That blue one is terrific and I also love the mint-colored one!! :). Did you design this alligator stitch pattern? Great job! :) :)
    Lee Ann H
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    1. Thank you for the compliments!:) i didn't design the crocodilestitch, sadly i have no clue as to who designed it. I did adapt the stitch in order to make it more suitable for winterwearables.