Making a Granny Square Baby Blanket

A friend of my knitting circle, Nelleke (thank you so much:), gave me a bag full of acrylic yarn. It inspired me to make a granny square blanket. I had 8 colors to work with, and wanted to make as many variations as possible, without making a repeat. Except for the lavender color, i succeeded:)

77 hours of work, numerous skeins of yarn made a bundle of joy. 

To avoid a cluster of the same colors, i made a template on the computer first. The lavender cluster is intentional. The only thing left is the sewing or crocheting together in a different shade of purple. The finished measurement of the baby blanket will be approximately 90 cm by 120 cm.

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  1. Dat heb je snel gedaan zeg! √Čn het wordt heel mooi.