Pixie revisited

The last time i visited my dentist, i almost tripped over a vase with Easter branches. The branches were bare and she wanted to throw them out, but i suggested to crochet some ornaments for them. The next time i brought them along, and last week i could take pictures.

My dentist is getting a lot of comments and praize on the flowers and ornaments:)

Since the winter season has began, my DGD has worn the rainbow pixie hat a few times. It turned out not as well as i expected, it kept slipping over her eyes. I remade the hat from scratch, made it smaller and added earflaps to it. I have a stroller without foot cover, and her little legs were exposed to the cold. 

I crocheted a pair of legwarmers in crocodile stitch.

Here's a photo of her wearing the outfit. She looks adorable! 

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