Socks and hats...

When the winterseason came, i checked out my sock drawer, and needed to replace two pair. I like to have several projects at hand, because designing takes all my attention, and i can't work that when i'm babysitting my DGD. Socks are a no-brainer for me, so i can watch my DGD and knit at the same time:)

The grey ones i did first, because they are really boring, but i like to dress color-coordinated, and i have a grey outfit. Glad they are finished.

The pink ones were more fun:) They are not as bright pink as in the picture, but the light played tricks on my camera.

One of my cousins had a brand new babygirl, in addition to the little princess he already had. I wanted to crochet a newborn pixie hat for her, and a little purse for her 3 year old sister in the same yarn. 

I had to design a hat from scratch, this was the first try. The top was far too high, though i like the variations in the surface stitches.

The second one was much better, i tested it on a balloon with a circumference of 34 centimeters, the size of a newborn head. In a unicolored hat the elevated single crochet works really well.

This is the final pixie. I crocheted it with a merino yarn in 5 different colors. The test hat was crocheted with acrylic yarn, so the gauge was slightly different. After trying out, frogging 6 times, ever after having woven in the ends, i finally had it right. In order to keep the colors of the stripes in the hat, i used a surface chainstitch to embelllish the hat. The next thing will be the purse.

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  1. Aha, met een surface chain....ik zat me af te vragen hoe je dit nu weer geflikt had. Mooie en eenvoudige oplossing.