Hamsa hand

Another difficult goal i've set my self to make. I wanted to crochet a Hamsa hand, also known as Fatima's hand.

This was the drawing i made from a hand i found on the internet. It was a stretch to translate it into crochet! Especially the fishes were a problem.

The first scales i made were nice, but they disappeared in the fingers. I had to find another solution for this.

Here is the finished hand. I made the scales with some tatting, that looked a whole lot better! Normally i like to crochet my parts together, preferably in one piece, but that wasn't possible in this case. Most parts i made separately and sewed them together. I fairly like the result, but won't make this again. To challenge yourself is fun, but when it becomes a burden, just get it done and be done with it. The hand will find a place in my cardigan, and maybe give a little protection:)

Another what if...

A couple of days ago it crossed my mind, whether it would be possible to smock crochet. Did some research and the answer is yes, you can.. Here is a link to the pattern, that inspired me:


Of course i first had to figure out, how this was done, and after that give it my own twist.

This is the written pattern i made. It will turn out a little wider than the pattern drawing, but that is due to the fact, i wanted to make a readable pattern, and had to draw every symbol myself.

Here's what it looks like, when the crochet is done.

The result after smocking. I finished it off with a round of single crochet and a round of crab stitch on the first loop of the single crochet round.

NatCroMo Triquetra

One of the participants of the NatCroMo, GypsyDancer, showed us a crocheted cord. I was intrigued by it, so i made one. I formed it into a triquetra, a Celtic symbol.

Did some filling in the middle. The connection of the cord is hidden under the triangle of the centre. It still needs some netting to connect it to the sleeve of my cardigan.

Crocodily Flower

Some people asked me to write down the pattern of the NatCroMo scrumble i blogged about yesterday, so here it is:) I've named it Crocodily flower.

Unfortunately i deleted the previous post about this, i had to do it again. A friend of mine tested the pattern and there were a few mistakes, which i corrected. Thank you Mieke!

Rnd 1. ch 6, close with ss.
Rnd 2. 12 sc in ring, close with ss.
Rnd 3. Work in the front loop of the previous round: 1 sc, 1 picot , repeat 11x. Pull the working loop under the back loop to the backside.
Rnd 4. Work in the back loop of the previous round: ch 5, 1 dc, ch 2, repeat 10x, close with ss.
Rnd 5. 3 sc around every arch, close with ss.
Rnd 6. Work in the front loop of the previous round: crabstitch in every loop, pull the working loop under the back loop to the backside.
Rnd 7. ch 5, skip 2 loops, ss in the next loop, repeat 11x, ss in the first ch.
Rnd 8. 3 ss in first 5 ch, ch 5, - 2 dc around next arch, ch 2 -, repeat - - 10x, ch 2, 1 dc around first arch, close with ss in third ch.
Rnd 9. 1 sc, 1 hdc, 3 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc around first arch, down the first dc: 1 sc, 1 hdc, 3 dc, up the second dc: 3 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc, repeat 11x, close with ss.
Rnd 10. ch 5, 1 ss in the heart of the ‘leaf’, repeat 11x.
Rnd 11. 2 ss in first 5 ch, pick up a strand from the middle dc on the back of the top ‘leaf’, make an ss around the arch through the strand (this secures the upright position of the ‘leaf), let’s call it the binding ss, ch 8, binding ss around the next arch, repeat 10x, 8 ch, close with ss in first binding ss.
Rnd 12. 10 dc around every arch.
Rnd 13. Surface dc under the 2 loops of the previous dc round. Surface dc: Pull up a loop under the next stitch, pull up a loop under the next stitch, pull it through the 2 loops on the hook. Pull a loop in the same stitch, pull up a loop under the next, pull it through the 2 loops.

If there are questions about the description, please ask me and i will try to explain:) Have fun making this!

Another NatCroMo Freeform Scrumble

Though the NatCroMo CAL has done, i still have to finish my cardigan. I got a bit sidetracked by the Russian crochet and some knitting, but now i have finished another little scrumble.

It is based on the crocodile stitch, with some crab stitch and picot rounds.

The crab stitch is crocheted on the front loop of the underlying round. The next round is crocheted on the back loop of the previous round.

In the crocodile stitch the base round exists of 2 chain, 1 double crochet, 2 chain, 2 double crochet. The 'leaves' of the stitch are crocheted around the 2 double crochet. My alteration is on the base round 2 chain, 2 double crochet repeated, after closing the round with a slipstitch, crochet 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 3 double crochet, 1 half double crochet, 1 single crochet around the 2 chain loop, go down the next double crochet with 1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 3 double crochet, up the next double crochet with 3 double crochet, 1 half double crochet, 1 single crochet. Repeat the round like this.

Yarnbombing Heerlen continues

Because i visited my grandchildren for a couple of days, i took some easy knitting with me. The project is due on june 16th, and we have until the 15th of this month to knit some more. I used this opportunity, to try out some new stitches. 

The trinity stitch i already knew and love, but it's a great burden to my RSI wrists:(

These textured stitches are simple, but effective and far better for my wrists.

Day 18 NatCroMo Freeform CAL

I totally forgot to post this NatCroMo day:( So a bit late, but here it is:)

The upcoming presidential election on december 17 in America was the theme today. We were given 2 stitches, from which we could choose, volumetric woven pattern and heirloom lace. There is a poll on the 2 choices, tomorrow we will hear, which one won. We had to do at least 57 stitches, and 4 rounds.

I chose the mask to attach the woven stitch unto. I love the way it boldly contrasts with the fragility of the mask. The stitch was new to me, but i really love it!

I did some crocheting on the loveknot flower too, to prepare it for future attaching onto the other work. I added the leaves, i couldn't use on the sceptre. That's the fun of freeform, if it doesn't fit, or looks good, you van always use it somewhere else.