Another NatCroMO!

Another month of march means a brand new International Crochet Month! I have been looking forward to this CAL for some time now. The first instructions were to go into your garden and get inspired by flowers, structures, whatever you'd feel like. I picked out my wall of common ivy. I designed the leave first, then crocheted several in various shades of green cotton.

I'm pleased with the outcome!


  1. Fijn, nu werkt de link vanuit mijn pc wél.
    Je begint al goed! Mooie groenen. Heeft jullie klimop geen bleekgroene besjes?

    ps. Je blogt in het engels. Wil je dat ik mijn teksten vertaal? Of in het engels reageer?

    1. Fijn, dat het nu wel werkt:) En nee, je hoeft niet in het engels te reageren...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks again, Margaret:) it's a fun.little design.