Russian roulette

Our moderater of the CAL has had some health issues at the moment, she's not been able to put up new challenges. It gave me the chance to dive into the Duplet magazines again to get a grip on Russian crochet. I think, first you have to learn how it works, and then you can play with it. Oh boy, what did i get myself into again... I picked from Duplet 106 a lovely flower with a decent chart. The first problem i ran into, was the stem in the middle. On the photo i could see, that crabstitch was used, but ot get two sides on each side, i couldn't for the life of me figure out how to, because after the crabstitch on one side, there was only one part of the chain left... I had to resort to a 'Hyke shortcut':) I crocheted slipstitches in the chain back to the beginning, thus creating a work chain with three loops, one for the crabstitch in the middle, and two at the sides. It worked like a charm!
The first time i finished the left half, it looked completely different than the photo! I did manage to get the crabstitch rounds, but there were other elevated rounds, i didn't have. Finally it came to me, that some of these elevated rounds were one round of sc, the next round sc over the same base stitches, though it didn't show on the chart. All&all it took me 4 days to get it (nearly) right.

On the work sheet on the right of the photo you can see what a messy process it is.

And here is the result. Using pink pins is pun intended:)

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  1. Het ziet er knap uit. Jammer dat de CAl (even) stop ligt.