Successful mission

One more motif deciphered and successfully crocheted:)
This one is from Duplet 69. I love the heart shape.

Once again the dreaded double rounds of single crochet were in the pattern, where you are asked to crochet 2 rounds of single crochet on top of each other. I think it looks very sloppy in contrast with the exquisite crochet of the rest of the motif. I had to come up with what i have been calling a 'Hyke shortcut'. 

Instead of the double rounds single crochet i crocheted the first round, then a round of slipstitch from left to right under the 2 loops of the first round of single crochet. The third round is crocheted on both the loops of the first round, behind the slipstitches.

The next motif was a colorful variation on the theme.

I did altered the chart, because the arches were too wide in my opinion.

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