Adding to the pile

I deciphered a little fill motif, because i'm thinking of making a jacket/cardigan out of these colorful scrumbles.

The motif is from Moa 2 (251), the purple one is the try out, the others are the color variations.

This is the chart, i made the bottom one.

Having my DGD over for Easter, i couldn't spend time deciphering new motifs, therefore i remade the cobweb leaf from Duplet 99 in color variations.

The chart of this motif is in one of my previeus posts.


  1. DGD's hebben de neiging om je van alles af te houden! Interessante kleuren Hyke!

  2. beautiful motifs :-) They look very striking in the colours that you've chosen

    1. Thank you! I love to play with colors, it's my 'thing':)