Destination in sight

I've been a little quiet, due to some lovely visits of my family, but that doesn't mean i didn't crochet in the spare moments:) Here are some more Duplet motifs.

10. Duplet 99 Locket Chart
This is a motif from Duplet 99, to me it resembles a locket.

10a. Duplet 99 Locket Finished Photo
The finished locket motif, relatively easy, the only thing i changed is the direction of the rounds, to get a more structured look, i crocheted alternating from front to back, using the backloops.

10b. Duplet 99 Locket Variations
Some color variations.

Especial Circle Motif Variations
From Duplet Especial the circle motifs, color variations.

05. DplSal 5 Star Finished Variations
DplsSal 5 star motif, color variations.

01. Duplet 64 Motif Chart+Direction
In Duplet 64 i found this lovely motif.

03. Duplet 64 Motif Finished Photo
And finished it looks like this.

I think i'm almost at the end of the Russian trip, but now i can devote my attention to the color variations for the project.

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