Like a child with a crayon box

Two more results, the first one is from Duplet Especial, the curly flower motif.

08. Duplet Especial Curly Flower Variations
I love playing with the colors!

The second one is a remake of the circle+braid motif from Duplet 108, i wasn't satisfied with the braid, i changed it a little and combined it with the technique from the spiral motif from Duplet 99.

13. Duplet 108+99 Braid Spiral Design
I used to hate crocheting with a paddingcord, but working with it has grown on me:)


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    1. These are beautiful! Will you share the pattern?

  2. Absolutamente seu Blog e adorĂ¡vel ! ! ! Atenciosamente Helena Freitas.

  3. I found the pattern in Duplet Especial, you can google picasweb, and look for it there. It's in Russian, but the chart is available

  4. I cannot find it on this page...

    1. If you google Picasaweb, then a search for duplet especial, you should get to Marlene Duplet 1, she has the issue of duplet on her site