New variations on the theme

The latest additions, this time from Duplet 99 the paisley number 4.

19. Duplet 99 Paisley 4 Cold Variations
This is the 'cold' version.

20. Duplet 99 Paisley 4 Warm Variations Warm
This is the 'warm' version.

I made some color variations to the braid-spiral motif.

14. Duplet 108+99 Braid Spiral Design Variations Variations
The  more i made the faster the motifs were coming of the hook:)

Then i realised i am going to need some simple filling scrumbles to go between the larger ones. I designed these leaves, the top one is without paddingcord, the two bottom leaves are crocheted with a one thread paddingcord.

01. Leaves With-Without Paddingcord
I especially like the little ones!

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